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Patient Flow Podcast

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Transformational Change Driven by Centralized Patient Placement

Betty Sopko, IT Manager, Business Applications with University Hospitals [UH], joins us for this episode of the Patient Flow Podcast.  Betty discusses UH’s shift to a “just say yes” culture, increasing the placement of low-acuity patients at their community hospitals and implementing a centralized patient placement model.

Episode breakdown:

  • The centralized patient placement center was established a few miles away from the main hospital.  Executives were highly engaged in the process and effective design of the space was a priority.
  • Analytics and system-wide access to dashboards has increased visibility and transparency.  Access to data drives all staff members to look for ways to constantly improve processes and strive to provide the best possible care for their patients.
  • TeleTracking’s Advisory Services team provided support throughout the implementation process and continues to be active and involved in patient flow councils at each of the hospitals.

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Categories: Centralized Patient Placement, Client Success, Patient Throughput