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Insights from TeleTracking’s Nurse Experts―National Nurses Week & the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses in Patient Flow

Nanne Finis, Vice President, Advisory Services and Maria Romano, Clinical Client Success Director join us on this episode of the Patient Flow Podcast to discuss National Nurses Week [May 6-12, 2018] and the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses in Patient Flow.

Episode Breakdown:

  • The DAISY Foundation [DAISY stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune System] was created in 1999 to recognize nurses for their extraordinary skills and the compassionate care that they provide to patients and families. It was established by the family J. Patrick Barnes, who died from complications of ITP, as a thank you to the nurses who cared for him during his illness.
  • Patients are central to TeleTracking’s mission to ensure that no one will ever have to wait for the care they need―making a partnership with the DAISY Foundation a way to visibly demonstrate the important role nursing plays in effective patient flow. In 2016 the DAISY Foundation added a new award, the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses in Patient Flow to recognize the nurses who work with patients behind the scenes, making sure that they receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place.
  • National Nurses Week is the perfect time to focus on nursing’s role in improving patient flow―given the aging population in our country, the increasing healthcare needs, the complexity and rising costs of care, and shrinking reimbursements.
  • Effective patient flow leads to better patient outcomes. For example, when a health system has a patient flow strategy in place, they typically see decreases in emergency department [ED] boarding hours, which means patients are being placed directly in the right bed, at the right level of care, can start treatment and go home sooner.
  • Senior leadership engagement and interdisciplinary councils need to be a part of any patient flow strategy because it takes a full team to look at flow and work together to coordinate it in a more seamless way.

P.S. To learn even more about the DAISY Foundation and the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses in Patient Flow, listen to the podcast from Cindy Sweeney, Executive Director, The DAISY Foundation.

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The DAISY Foundation & TeleTracking – Recognizing Extraordinary Nurses

The DAISY Foundation recognizes nurses for the extraordinary care they provide every day.  Learn about a new award focused on nurses using patient flow to provide a seamless experience for patients and families with Cynthia D. Sweeney, Executive Director of The DAISY Foundation, Nanne Finis, Vice President, TeleTracking Advisory Services and Julie Atkins, a DAISY Foundation honoree.

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