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Stewardship of Clinician Time and Energy: an interview with Dr. Scott Newton

A value-based work strategy helps ensure that clinicians’ valuable time and energy is being used most effectively.  By adopting the right enabling technologies, clinicians’ time can be shifted away from tasks like looking for equipment, and refocused on providing engaged care at the bedside.  Other benefits include enhanced patient-clinician communication, timely care and better outcomes.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Clinician time and energy is extremely valuable—and that’s why it’s so important that it’s used efficiently to provide excellent patient care.
  • Clinicians are saturated with operational issues such as searching for equipment and searching for clean beds. By using enabling technology, such as real time location services and automating the patient placement process, the task load is reduced and they can focus on the clinical needs of patients.
  • Effective organizational patient flow positively impacts staff satisfaction, as well as the overall patient experience and their satisfaction.

Listen to Episode 1 and Episode 3 of this 3-part podcast.

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Centralizing Command: Achieving Outcomes Against the Odds at UAB Medicine

UAB Medicine in Birmingham, Ala. is a 1,157-bed academic medical center that manages 50,000 annual admissions, 130 surgeries a day across 57 OR suites, as well as 300 ED visits each day.  Brittany Lindsey, UAB Medicine’s Director of Patient Flow, joins us on this episode of Patient Flow Podcast to discuss how UAB developed a strategic patient flow plan and centralized patient placement center to address their capacity challenges.

Brittany details:

  • The three success factors to a successful roll-out.
  • How to organize an effective daily patient flow huddle.
  • Encouraging buy-in to the new way of doing things.

*P.S. UAB was recently featured in the 4th edition of our “Patient Flow Quarterly” publication. Click here to download your copy today!*

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Timeliness of Care: an interview with Dr. Scott Newton

Value-based care provides improved outcomes at the same or reduced costs—and in order to achieve those outcomes, a high level of process reliability is essential.  This is done through a combination of people, technology, equipment, supplies and process that leads to consistency—and an environment where it’s possible to deliver highly reliable outcomes.

Spend some time today with Scott Newton, DNP, RN, MHA, EMT-P, Vice President of Care Model Solutions at TeleTracking—and a patient flow expert with 25 years of clinical experience who will share his experience with this care model and how to achieve positive outcomes at your organization. 

Listen to Episode 2 and Episode 3 of this 3-part podcast trilogy.

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Rapid Improvements Lead to Positive Patient & Caregiver Experience

McLeod Health is a seven hospital system with 931 acute licensed beds serving more than one million people in Florence County, SC.   In the latest episode of Patient Flow Podcast, Lee Wallace, a former EMT and the Director of Patient Flow, shares how the health system has used rapid improvement events to positively impact their patient flow strategy.  Lee also discusses how:

  • Prioritizing patient discharges is critical to creating capacity for new patients.
  • Precision patient placement is leading to dramatic decreases in the number of internal patient transfers.
  • Physicians are now speaking the same language as nurses, nurses are speaking the same language as case managers, and case managers are speaking the same language as both.

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New Ways to Serve All – UNM Health System

At the University of New Mexico Health System cultural change leads to improved patient flow and patient care.

Geographically, New Mexico is the fifth largest state in the United States and home to 2 million residents.  Healthcare needs for this vast population are served by 28 acute care hospitals, nine of which are critical access hospitals having 25 beds or less.  UNM is the state’s flagship facility, providing the only level one trauma center, the only safety net hospital, and the only academic medical center.

The system uses TeleTracking to manage patient flow and provide timely access care.  However, in 2014, things were very different, very taxing and all manual.  “We knew something needed to change,” says Dr. Irene Agostini, Chief Medical Officer.

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The Essentials: 2017 Regulatory and Compliance Requirements for Patient Flow

2017 is right around the corner and there are new regulations and requirements that will have a direct impact on patient flow.  Spend some time with Jodi L. Eisenberg, MHA, CPHQ, CPMSM, CSHA, Sr. Director, Accreditation Education Programs, Vizient, Inc. and learn about the essential regulatory and compliance requirements for patient flow.

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