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Patient Flow Podcast

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The Role of Client Success Management at TeleTracking

Tammy Moore, Vice President, Client Success Management for TeleTracking joins us for this episode of  Patient Flow Podcast. Tammy shares her thoughts on the evolution of the Client Success Management program and how it helps clients realize the full potential of TeleTracking’s patient flow solutions.

Episode Breakdown:

  • Since 2014 Client Success Managers have been helping clients drive adoption and usage of key solutions that impact capacity management.
  • A patient flow strategy is a journey for clients, with key milestones along the way—Client Success Managers help them navigate this constant path of evolution. They are always pushing themselves and our clients to do better.
  • TeleTracking’s Center of Excellence and Solutions Center makes it possible to reach broadly throughout the organization and tap into a wide range of subject matter experts. Clients can also talk to peers and learn from their experiences.
  • Client Success Managers bring together a diverse array of experiences―from clinicians to operations experts―so clients always have access to a collaborative approach to their patient flow needs.

Speaker Bio:

Tammy Moore
Vice President, Client Success Management

Leading the Client Success Management team, Tammy brings 20+ years of experience managing all aspects of technology solution’s client care teams. She has proven success with implementing client management philosophies, developing structure, and achieving client satisfaction resulting in key trusted adviser relationships with clients.

Her vision is to ensure clients are not only the center of the organization, but also the heart of the company’s focus and efforts. The Client Success Management team captures client feedback and develops plans to address opportunities throughout the organization to deliver the very best products and solutions possible.

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