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Patient Flow Podcast

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Leading the Patient Transport Team at North Mississippi Medical Center [NMMC]

Phyllis McKoin, supervisor of the ambassador program (patient transporters) at North Mississippi Medical Center, joins us for this episode of Patient Flow Podcast.  McKoin, who has led the program for the past 24 years, shares how the shift to an automated transport system had a positive impact on NMMC’s discharge process.

Episode Breakdown:

  • The ambassador program was originally created with the sole purpose of keeping nursing at the bedside.
  • Phyllis engaged her team and helped them adapt to the culture change by letting her team know she was there for them and would not ask them to do anything she wouldn’t do first.
  • The team could collect and have visibility to the data they needed, identify challenges, and then adjust to meet patient needs.
  • Transport times have decreased over the years―in fact they recently met their goal of 35 minutes or less.
  • Executive engagement has been key to the ambassador program’s success

Listen to this episode:

Speaker Bio:

Phyllis McKoin
Supervisor, Ambassador Program

Phyllis McKoin has been the supervisor of the Ambassador program since 1994 and was recently named as NMMC’s Employee of the Year. The program recently completed its one millionth transport.


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