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Patient Flow Podcast

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Strong Leadership and a Personal Approach Improves Hospital Transport Productivity at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital

James Waddell, Transit Support Services Manager, Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital joins us for this episode of Patient Flow Podcast to discuss the role that hospital transport plays in an effective patient flow strategy.

Episode breakdown:

  • Executives at Moses Cone decided to implement a centralized model to streamline transport services. TeleTracking’s TransportTracking solution provided the analytics and productivity tools to improve both care management and the patient experience.
  • Healthcare operations improved with the inclusion of Apple iPods, resulting in transport times dropping to 19 minutes.
  • It’s important that the experience is as comfortable as possible for patients and to make sure things are handled smoothly and properly. From a customer service standpoint, the transport team is focused on improving patient satisfaction whenever possible.

Listen to this episode:


James Waddell
Transit Support Services Manager
Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital

James Waddell has been working in healthcare for twenty years, including roles in materials management, as an environmental services supervisor and as an environmental services manager. James is currently the Transit Support Services Manager at Cone Health’s flagship, The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, which is the largest and most comprehensive medical center within the five-county region of Greensboro, NC. A leader in compassionate, quality care, the easily accessible 63-acre campus includes a 536-bed teaching hospital and referral center.

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